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didnt have the levin long and just fancied a change so did a deal with the levin as ive missed my old r32

only pics have from forsale ad so will get new ones up

heres the spec

93 skyline R32 rb20

-HKS GT2540 turbo
-HKS turbo elbow
-HKS down pipe
-HKS ssq dump valve
-FGK fujitsu exhaust system
-Shorter intake pipes, (heat wrapped)
-Splitfire coils
-Apex oil cooler and filter re-locator
-Apex front mount intercooler
-GTR fuel pump
-Apexi filter
-Aluminium rad
-Nismo/rays LMGT1 wheels
-Tein windermaster flex coilovers
-Nismo front strut brace
-Nismo rear strut brace
-Apex front lower strut brace
-Whiteline front upper control rods and tension rods
-Tomie hicas lockout kit
-Carbon vents in front gtst bumper
-Nismo brake booster
-HID high and low
-Greedy boost controller
-Apexi RSM (old skool model)
-Apexi turbo timer
-Timex Oil temp and pressure gauges
-Boost gague
-Buddy club gear knob

1st things on the list that need doing yeaterday are:

-rear tyres thinking goodtear eagle f1's?
-new clutch thinking exedy organic rated 350bhp
-brake pads anything half decent

plans are 320bhp safely so any ideas where to start

il want the car fully checked out so who do people recommend?

also styling wise any ideas?

want a kit like this so where can get it in ireland?

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fancy meeting you on here ha
is it defo the vertex kit?
could it be origin or uras and how much

yea that be sweet if could pm me number we arrange something>?

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Lovely lookingt car there hogan...Knew it wouldn't be long til you got back in another RB beastie.

Have to say there's some amount of work gone into it can't wait to see what you do to it to make it your own and yea Vertex kit FTMFW :bigthumb:

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Thats Anto's old car.
Yes it is veeery nice and Anto kept it well;), so you have got a minter:D
Would you be interested in GENUINE Nismo skirts, GTR bonnet and Trust Gracer rear spats all in white?........:D
PM me if you want because i'l be sellling them after christmas:D

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ive been thinking about the kits and decided that i want to go for this look
nice simple and clean

what skirts are these? standard gtr ones?

soon after xmas il be getting the clutch in as its slipping badly ove 4000rpm
tyres are on the way aswell

going to lower the rear about 10mm or so more

deciding on tuning management if to go hks fcon or nistune or power fc il see how fiunds go

any other opinions and where could get the above skirts and gtr front lip?

Mmmmmmm R32
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speak to RSP about their stage 1 chip i've just sent my ecu to them and a bargain at £239.99
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