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soon to be 4dr r32 owner!
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i thought i'd got it sorted the brother in law wrapped the hose but its leaking again(about 10" from the pump" its only triklign out and i have a "piddle" when doing a slow bit of tight parking, but its annoying, and i want it sorted, but the pipe looks like one massive one which goes into a small copper one round the back of the engine and up to the rack, although the thick pipe thats got the leak has two massive metal joins.
does anyone know my options, i mean is there anywhere close to me (SE london) that can get this fixed, for example a hydraulic specialist?

my only other option is to get a new pipe,, i'm sure i can get one form a broken R32 but unless someone's got one real close the copepr piping may bend up in transit!

Help :(
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