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Been around here for quite a while now but never really sat down and made a progress thread for my r33 :spank:

Well... it all started back in 2008 when I decided that i needed an r33 in my life :) so after a bit of searching around the local area and across the pond in the mainland nothing was taking my fancy, so i decided to go about getting one imported :)

After a quite a bit of trawling through the auctions i decided to get a bid placed on a white 1996 r33 gtst. Soon after i was informed that the car came up well under my budget :D

Next was the waiting game, for what seemed like a eternity for the car to arrive :40oz: but this is what i had invested in;

Pretty much bog standard gtst apart from an hks air filter and hks exhaust, perfect base to start working from :D

unfortunately photos are a bit thin on the ground for the next stage (i thought they were in photo bucket but alas it appears not :( )

Anyways. the first thing i did was to get a set of wheels for it, so a set of ultralite GTII's were purchased and everything seemed right with the world..... for about a week when i decided to invest in a set of coilovers to loose the moon buggy stance it currently had lol

Quick call to japspeed and i ended up not ordering only coilovers but a decat pipe and fmic kit :dogpile:

got all of these fitted up and i was content again....for a brief period..... next came a greddy boost controller and a walbro fuel pump to complete the stage 1 mods.

First disaster struck soon after however :(:( when out setting up the boost controller for 0.85bar it momentarily spiked to around 0.99/1bar and i heard quite a loud "Pop" hmmmmmm, intercooler pipe blew off i though, so drove back home roughly 1 mile away just to find that all ic hoses were fine hmmmmm what was the pop??? as the car was idling i started to hear a faint ticking noise.... wtf is that noise..... ticking got louder and louder at which point i phoned the local nissan doctor who immediately diagnosed the ticking as a death rattle, looks like my bottom end has had it. Bugger

So trailered the car up to him and he started about seeing what the problem was , turns out the bloody turbo had blew the wheels clean off itself, and on hearing the pop i let off the accelerator which seems to have pulled all the **** into the engine and spun my bottom end :(

At this point i went with a conceptua tuning 375bhp turbo and new bearings for the bottom end with a 1.2mm cometic headgasket, got off quite lightly everything considered.

So engine running 100% again it was time to turn my attention to the body work, it was starting to show its age and a bit of rust was forming around the arches etc, so though full respray was the best option.

I decided to go for Toyota 070 pearl white to get a nice brilliant white look and added a Japsalon greddy gracer style front bumper, Jun side skirts and Jun spats.

and it turned out like this :D

Next up was another power hike :dogpile:

This meant only 1 thing..... TOP MOUNT TIME

JDM Garage were selling a top mount kit off a veilside demo car, perfect timing :) so i gave them a call and soon later this little lot had arrived with me;

Greddy top mount manifold, hks 50mm wastegate, 1.2mm cometic mls headgasket, bltiz 550cc sidefeed injectors, and a gt3076 turbo.

Schweet :D so time to get that all fitted up to see what it was going to look like, que engine stripping number 2 lol;

at this stage i fitted a set of tomer poncams aswell, 256 duration 8.5mm lift, nice plug and play cams, and an hks timing belt;

painted the cam covers gold and got the manifold fitted up

all finished ready to sort out what engine management im going to be running :D

This lead to the next stumbling block in the r33's life :( after doing some research into ecu's i decided to go with MAP2ECU as the supras running it were putting out some serious bhp figures.

But alas the map2 wasnt playing ball with the rb25's coil pack setup and just wouldnt map cleanley and efficently :( so i had no option but rethink the engines management, and this is where the Link G4 came into play :)

Car mapped and Mark's a happy bunny again :dogpile:

but of course that doesnt last long......... i always fancied a side inlet plenum....... so i went ahead and ordered myself a Rips intake plenum :D and to go with it decided a set of rb26 cam covers would look good too so set about getting everything fitted up. (only a few pics of this stage as i got a bit carried away fitting parts :( )

in amongst the excitement of engine work, i got myself a full carbon r33 gtr style spoiler to replace the spec 2 spoiler, looks much better i think :)

so engine ready to go for its next stage of setting up;

and a couple of pics of how the car was looking at that stage;

I had started to do a bit of interior work at this stage, new seats, gauges, rollcage etc;

At this stage winter was approaching and i decided to wait until the warmer weather came in to take her for mapping, this however i would have quite a few months of not having to buy anything for the skyline......... we all know that probably wouldn't work out lol

so in my wisdom i decided to take this thing to the next level, fully forge the engine and go for some serious power :dogpile:

bit of internet browsing and getting quotes from what seemed like 100's of parts companies i put an order in for this little lot;

Hks gd pro triple plate clutch, head drain kit, piper valve springs, hks cam gears, RC 1200CC top feed injectors, hks ssqv 4, 2nd walbro fuel pump, new water pump, extended crank collar.

hmmmm ill need a few other bits and pieces to get the best from the above package, sooooooo, this happened;

86.5mm cp pistons, 11.0mm greddy fuel rail, nissan n1 oil pump and oil pump gasket, arp head studs, cometic bottom end and head gasket kit, nissan core plugs.

Looking good but the rods were missing from the order, shortly afterwards my Manley conrods arrived :D no pics unfortunately of them.

Next mission was to get the car up to my mechanic to get the above bits and pieces fitted and the link g4 mapped for the 1200cc injectors so i can start the run in miles :D

Few pics of the engine being built;

That brings us up to pretty much the present day Ive the run in miles and the cars currently up with Richard to get a few other bits added and tweeked before he puts the final map on her and i can have some fun in it this summer :D:D


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Just before i left the car up for the final map, i made a bit of an impulse buy.....

Precision 6262 :D :D :D

this will be fun when i get her back again.

Spec list to date is;

86.5mm cp pistons
Manley Rods
Acl race bearings – mains and rods
Arp head studs
Arp rod bolts
Arp main bolts
Extended crank collar
N1 oil pump
N1 water pump
Head drain kit
Piper valve springs
Supertech stem seals
Cometic 1.2mm mls head gasket
Tomei RB20 poncams 260° duration 8.5mm lift inlet/exhaust
Hks timing belt
Hks cam gears
Polished Rb26 cam covers
Rb26 clear cam cover
Rb26 cam backing plate
Tomei Engine Plaque

Japspeed short shifter
HKS GD Pro Triple plate clutch
Nismo strengthened pivot ball
Nismo Slave Cylinder
Copper Clutch Crank spigot
Kaaz 1.5way lsd

Japspeed intercooler
19 row mocal oil cooler
Mocal Thermostatic sandwich plate
Carbon slam panel
Twin electric fans
Bonnet skin fitted with heat reflective tape

Precision 6262 Ball bearing turbo with billet wheels
Exhaust Housing Blanket
Greddy exhaust manifold fully heat wrapped
Hks 50mm wastegate
Greddy downpipe fully heat wrapped
Japspeed decat pipe
Blitz nur spec-r exhaust
Rips intake plenum
90mm throttle body
HKS ssqv 4 bov

Twin feed Greddy fuel rail
Rips billet fuel rail adapter plate
1200cc RC Injectors
Twin in tank walbro fuel pumps
Sytec fuel pressure regulator

Japspeed coilovers
Hicas lock bar
Db power 356mm front brake conversion
Db power 324mm rear brake conversion
Stoptech front and rear brake pads
Hel Braided brake lines
Dot 5.1 brake fluid
Brake Stopper
Ultralite GTII 18”x8.5” fronts 18”x9.5” rears
Federal 595 Rs-R tyres

Link G4 Ecu – with anti-lag and launch control steup
Greddy profec 2 boost controller
Aem wideband
Defi Advance CR Gauges – Boost, oil pressure, oil temp, water temp
F.e.t turbo timer

Cobra Seats
Half rollcage with padding
Top Secret Gear knob
Plasma dial kit
Carbon ashtray blanking plate
Dash mounted gauge pod
Carbon Din sized triple gauge holder

Japsalon Gracer front bumper
Jun side skirts
Jun rear spats
Carbon spec 2 bonnet
Full carbon gtr style rear spoiler
Carbon rear skyline panel
Nismo b pillar covers
Nismo side repeaters
Metal GTS Badge
Full respray in Toyota 070 Pearl White

Apologies for the lack of decent photos, but as soon as i get her back ill get some proper pics put up and will update the thread now instead of doing nothing for years then throwing up its life story in a huge post lol

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nice build chap, when is she being mapped? what figures you hoping for?

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cheers guys;

Cars currently in getting a thicker head-gasket put on it before she gets proper boost put through it again :) so hopefully mapping will be finished in the next few weeks.

As for bhp, the turbo is meant to be good for 735bhp so ill be happy with anything around the 600 mark i think :dogpile:

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thanks for the comments guys :)

moonspaceman9 - Richard Bradley over here in northern did the engine build and is going to be mapping and setting it up as well, pretty much every Nissan on the island over here goes to him to get work done lol hes quite the nissan wizzard

Kneesparks - yea im hoping the lag wont be too bad, if i can get to full boost around 4-4.5k rpm itl be doing the job nicely, though Ive a half plumbed in nos system so if it is really laggy ill just get cracking and get the nos system finished then can use that to help spool for the times i really need to get moving in a hurry :dogpile:

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not much of an update folks.

Cars still with the tuner, hes been really busy this past month getting cars ready for the BDC rounds but my cars on the home stretch, should be ready to rock in the next week or so :)

in the mean time though, ive been collecting a few bits and bobs to fit when i get her back again :D

what got here is;

whiteline upper adjustable camber arm bushes and powerflex diff bushes

new hks air filter (my current cage and backing plate is looking a bit tired)

superpro polybush kit

carbon fibre gt badges for the front wings

carbon fibre b pillar covers

then a bit of a future prrofing purchase, a second NOS bottle, because you can never have too much gas :D

and a quick pic of my new gauge set up, replaced the steel gauge holder with a bit of carbon to hold the defis in (excuse the non reading oil temp gauge, i hadnt plugged it into the sensor :doh: )

thats all for now folks, hopefully have a few more updates soon :)

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Richard is amazing with nissans etc. She is in safe hands, cant wait to see what safe power he'll pull out of this one.

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have the car back home again and running 1bar of boost, not what was originally planned but with the greddy boost controller deciding not to send a signal to the boost solenoid any more we had no option but to run at wastegate pressure and 1 bar is all the hks wastegate would hold :(

So in the meantime while i save up for a new boost controller to let the turbo feed the engine with 1.7bar of boost i set about fitting some of the parts ive accumulated while the cars been with the tuner.

First on the list was to fit the carbon b pillar covers;

best thing i could think of to attach these with was the ever versatile tiger seal, so i spread it out across the carbon cover to end up with this;

next up was to rig up a couple of clamps to ensure the cover was stuck on evenly, and left it to dry overnight;

and this is the finished article reattached to the car :)

i also fitted a set of carbon gt badges to the wings to replace the standard red ones that had started to corrode a bit on me;

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