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my Skyline Customization history! soo many mods!

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Hey Guys, some of you may have seen the story in the build/project section, but i wanted to make something that was clean, easy to access for everyone and easy to follow whats going on...

so i made a build blog... check it out! become a follower or w/e if you want, lemme know what you guys think!

its got the entire history of my experience owning skyline GTR's.

and its always up to date! heres the link:

thanks guys!
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thanks for all the kind words and support guys! Christmas came and went and i got a bunch of tools to help me along with my build, so starting in the new year I will definitley be posting up more progress for the build.

i've got some really interesting ideas coming along, some real custom stuff! super excited to get started!!
thanks mark
guys, check the blog again (link at the top). just added info on my NEW WHEELS... yeaah
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