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hi guys,

I decided to get a manual boost controller the other day to see what boost my feuling will allow and to see what power gains i'd get.

put the boost controller on and did a bit of testing and tweaking and although got more power (well it felt like it) my boost gauge readings didn't change a lot at all.

i rightly assumed that the boost gauge although a greddy was not working properly so i borrowed a friends and tested again .... we decided to take off the boost controller just to see what the standard boost was in the first place and blow me ... as standard i've been running high bost of 9psi with no mods from what i can tell (it looks like i still have the standard bit in the boost tubes that makes the pipes thinner)

i've now put the boost controller back on and am running 11psi full boost as i couldn't get the two stage to work with the boost controller

bloody hell it's fast now :)

and yes my fueling and cooling's fine
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