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ok so this winter im going to building myself a decent spec engine 1st attempt so i have lots of questions to ask, originally i was going to go for an rb30 conversion but now im going to stick with the rb25det and aim for between 500-600bhp?

so far i have the following parts sorted

rb25det head fully cleaned new valve steam seals and all valves lapped in with tomei pon cams and 8.8 valve springs with a tomei adjustable exhaust pulley.

greddy plenum with 90mm throttle bodie, high flow fuel rail

tubular top mount manifold custom made and braced.

parts and info needed

block - rb25
crank - was thinking rb26 (do i need new or can i use second hand?)
rods- h beam steel rods (rb25 or rb26 can be used as they are the same, correct me if im wrong
pistons- for 500-600 bhp will i need after market low comp pistons or will rb26 ones do? if they wont do i have to buy rb26 low comp ones?
oil pump- n1 oil pump (have heard these might be abit too much though and drain the sump dry?) any info?
water pump- n1 water pump
ditch viscous fan and use an electric one
tomei cam belt
what size multi layer steel headgasket is best considering the crank-piston-rod combination??
injectors-what size are best for the spec
turbo- decisions decisions what would you go for??

i will get to management at a later date, i want to ditch my air flow meter and have some fully mapable management with 1 controller and not multi controllers scattered round the car.

any info or suggestions much appreciated as its my first rebuild and i want to try to get it right, cheers jamie:drivin:
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