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I've been looking at an R32 extensively, and have failed to come to a conclusion. I could really use some professional help on this car. If anyone could tell me if the car checks out to be worth its price, that would be a great help. Because R32 are quite rare, everyone knows that they are being overpriced. With that being said.... I love the R32. I left the pictures in the attachments.

12/1990 Production Nissan Skyline GTR
63,544 Miles
Factory 4WD with HICAS Steering System
Smooth Shifting Close Ratio 5 Speed Transmission
Complete exterior and interior
Custom Professional Multistage Paint - Red

Original OEM Exterior Including:
GTR Bumper with Lip, Grill, Bezel inplace
All glass, lights, trim and moldings are in excellent or new condition!
Stock Clean GTR Steering Wheel and Razo aluminum Shift Knob
Recaro SRD2 Upgrade Driver Seat with Clean Stock factory passenger seats
OEM GTR Floor Mats Front and Rear
All working interior components and windows
Greddy Exhaust Gas Temperature and Boost Gaute
Autometer Tachometer

Greddy Struts with Lowering Springs
Nismo Strut Tower Bar
Rays Gramlights 18 Inch Wheels with New 265/35/18 Tires

Thoroughly Modified RB26 with High Power Upgrades for Longevity - Makes 504 Wheel HP - See Dyno Video Below
Starts up and idles perfectly
Pulls Extremely Hard to the 8000+ RPM Redline
No Grinds or Transmission Issues
Engine built with minor upgrades and street use
Blitz LM Radiator
Greddy Racing T78 Turbo Kit with External Dump Greddy Wastegate and Stainless Manifold
Blitz Twin Intake Filter Kit with Upgrade MAF's
Greddy Racing Intercooler
Greddy Racing Type R BOV with Recirculation Kit - NO STALLING
Greddy Remote Oil Cooler Kit Grex
Oil Catch Can
Multi Plate Clutch
HKS Super Drager Exhaust
Upgrade Differentials
Upgrade Fuel System
Upgrade ECU
HKS Boost Controller

FYI This is my first forum post ever, be as strict as possible and constructive.

I've seen the car in person, so I can answer questions on the details.

As for price:
I personally would like someone to give me an estimated price, but the given price for the car is ~$36000.


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For some reason your pics won't enlarge for me but $36K (we're talking USD right, not Canuck bucks?) sounds pretty dear for that car based on those specs. I'd expect a car like that to be mid to maybe high 20K even in the current climate. Low 20s wouldn't be out of the question depending on other details. Something rarer like a Nismo would command that 36K price and more easily but I've seen similar non-limited edition cars go for a lot less than the price you posted.

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red wasn't really a factory color for that year right? so it's not the OG color. I don't mind a repaint but to change the color 100%? no thanks. That does seem high in cost. I would try to get more of a stock car so you feel a bit better about it's useage. a 504hp car was driven like a 500hp car i bet. just saying.
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