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hey there,

one of my friends has a 200sx with a rb20det conversion, he bought it complete and aparently running perfectly out of another 200sx.

it doesnt want to start, and is worse from cold. upon initial start it fires then instantly dies and wont fire again until re-tried. he can get it to start by touching the throttle a small amount or pumping the throttle. when its running it appears to be perfectly fine, smells a bit rich, but runs and drives fine.

upon fault code tests we are getting code 13 for the coolant temp sensor. the sensor was changed with one from another engine, ive tested the loom from the sensor to ecu for contiuity and all is fine, also made sure the pins in the plugs are making contact. think he is going to buy a new sensor. and the fault code doesnt appear from cold.

im guessing its something to do with adjustments or timing, but am just asking incase there is something we may have overlooked.

so far we have checked:
- vacuum leaks - OK
- boost leaks - OK
- changed ecu for a tested working one
- changed AFM for a tested working one
- changed wiring loom
- changed plugs
- tried new coilpacks
- got fuel pump pressure
- all the components on the inlet manifold have been changed

it was idling a little high the other day, cant really tell how high as the rev counter doesnt work. i wound the mixture screw in one turn on a unit at the rear of the inlet manifold and it dropped the idle.

its just confusing as it was running perfectly fine until being put in his car, we even have a video of it before it was removed.

the only things i can think of left to check are the engine timing, the ignition timing, changing the coolant temp sensor, and getting the emissons adjusted.

does anyone have anything they might be able to add to help us out?
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