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Hey everyone, I am new, member of Nico Club, Carolina Nissans and a few other places..
I own an 89 Nissan 240SX Hatch, which I am putting an RB20DET into and I am doing the wiring myself.
I already have everything done except the guages.. I already know the tach will not work without resistors so I am not worried about that, but I would like to wire up the temp guage (blue/black wire), "choke/starter information" (orange) and the black wire to the harness in my car..

All of the colors that I am looking for exist on the rb20det harness, but I am not sure if they are for the same things.. USDM and JDM wiring colors are different.

Anyway, I have service manuals from R32, R33, and R34, all engines...

But, I have yet to find a good wiring diagram of the engine harness that goes into the car..

So, I am trying to locate a wiring diagram of all of the clips excluding the ecu clip from the engine room harness, that enters the passenger compartment.

Does that make sense?

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