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Hello everyone,

Because, as some of you know, I've been having trouble with my car for a while, and I would like to share my experiences with Sky Engineering, Jonne Berenbroek. I know he also got customers in Germany, Belgium and France. You can read the reason(s) why i feel like sharing my story with you below.

I'll start at A. The car has been in my possession since 2011 and brought to Sky Engineering at the end of 2014, because three years ago, my car(stock) started to smoke a little and spouted the oil dipstick if I gave good amount of throttle. Of course, this aint a good thing so I was decided to look for a nearby specialist within a reasonable travel distance. I joined Sky Engineering. The website looked good, this company seemed to know the 'how-to's'to work on my car. The Skyline was going to Helmond. The diagnosis showed that the turbo oilseal was broken. Because I was already thinking about upgrading the car to get more power, I was looking for another turbo. I came across a turbokit that was offered by ATS in Veenendaal. This was bought all together along with a set of bigger injectors. This would be a nice combination for a beautiful power increase with this other turbo. The turbo, however, turned out to be completely worn out, but i'll not go further into this matter. Together with the other upgrades I had purchased, I mounted them on the car. Then it was shipped to Sky-Engineering with a truck.
The by my hand assembled parts had to be checked by him for correct assembly. Finally, the "new" turbo had to be revised and an Apexi ECU was purchased and it was then installed and tuned to the build. The light smoking and spitting of the oil dipstick would be solved and repaired.

Half a year later, the car was ready and I could pick it up again. I recieved a nice bill. Quality cost money they always say, so yeah... all seemed in order. The car drove well, had a lot more power - 450bhp, and sounded dark and deep. It was all good and i went home. A few tens of kilometers before home I decided to give it a whip.
Arriving at home an acquaintance wanted to look under the hood to see the changes. What I did not expect and what was under the hood was alot of oil splashed down half the enginebay and the oildipstick had popped out quiet a bit. Immediately called back and said that the car still spit out the oil dipstick when throttle is given. Only a few weeks later I could go to Helmond again. What did he fixed I was wondering? Was it even driven and tested at all??

After the second diagnosis, cylinder 6 appeared to have little compression. A piston land has broken. "This is very common for standard pistons and a wrong tune" he answered in a mail. This sounds a bit odd because he had tuned it himself. The engine had to be revised. Block beeing bored, new pistons, sparkplugs, gaskets, head bolts, racebearings etc. etc. The head was also revised. This would be a default procedure. The valve seats were milled as this would have been necessary. Again a good sizeable bill. And then the MOT .... The car did not come through the MOT due to excessive emission and of a bad light image. Having some trouble catching Jonne on the phone. Five weeks later, he had time to look at it again. New MOT is acchieved with borrowed headlights of himself. With additional paint damage to my car after him switching the headlights. Annoying. This would be polished when I left the car at his place again....

The car returned quite well. On higher revs there was some misfires and a slight stutter but this was no biggy and normal according to Jonne because of the aging technique of the Apexi ECU. A couple of months and about 2000km traveled. Misfires and gestotter had become a bit more but I was informed that this would be normal with an Apexi ECU. As he also explained this at the first tune.

After many times trying to call him finally he answered. Again my car back to Helmond. Again it had to be tuned. The problem would be caused due to a leakage. The gasket between the two inlet halves, and other components (spark plugs, waste gasket and the gasket then) apperently were the problem. On his advice that were the items i bought. Self-assembled, because working on my hobby is also my big passion! When I had the old gasket in my hands it turned out to be 100% and in topshape condition. Because there was a clear leak, I decided to look further. I saw the bolts where the inlet is attached on the engine and put on a tool to check it out. 3 out of 12 nuts on one part were loose. One even almost fell off. After further investigation, hoses and wires were founded to be melted against the inlet and charred against the downpipe. Fixed in a rush it appears. This is not the way I had installed it myself. Unfortunate i think by myself. New hoses were purchased and the wiring did not make a short circuit and could still be tapped up. Pretty however, it is not. The skyline returns to Helmond because the tune is so bad again at this point it's to crap to drive. That's the point my beloved car is back to Sky-Engineering again for several weeks. Again.

After an appointment to pick up the car on a Saturday we face a closed shop. Jonne is nowhere to find and he does not pick up his phone. Because I needed the car for work, I was brought by my girlfriend who was struggling with a severe hernia that would be operated only two weeks later. I feel guilty because this is sadly not an ideal thing for her to do to travel 300 km's with her condition. But it's even worse if it's for ****ing nothing!! Finally, the car can pick up a week later. Could drive with no problems for a few months apart from the misfires and slight stuttering at high revs.
Car suspended from October to late February and placed in storage for the winter. March. It's Go season again! After a few hundred km's the stutter became worse. Power loss turns up even faster. Again with great effort i managed to contacted Jonne. Returned the car again and left it there and took a 5 hour trainjourney back home.
Now it appeared that an exhaust valve would leak. Burned. Apparently this can happen. Also after revision and only 2000 easy kilometers traveled. This had nothing to do with the work that was done at the head. Another juicy bill of material and labour for a job that had been carried out a not long ago. Car picked up after a couple of months and i could drive again. After a few hundred miles, the car starts stuttering and losing power again. AGAIN!!!! Not even 150BHP i recon.

Car delivered back to Jonne Berebroek at Sky-Engineering again. My patience is running very thin after more than two years of bad ****. I ask Jonne if it's a smart thing to do to install a Link ECU because Link's would have more and important support functions than the Apexi and thus would most likely solve the tuning problem. According to Jonne, this should definitely solve the problem. I saved up funds to purchase the ECU. From Jonne. On the condition that he would need the car a few weeks to perform several tests to find out whats causing the problem. This way, he could drive hundreds of kilometers and provide guarantee and assurance that it would really really be solved.

After 9 weeks, tried to call a *#@& lot of times. Could not reach him. He does not respond to anything. Not email, text messages, facebook, whatsapp, phone, nothing at all. Called for two more weeks. It stays quiet. No response or a call back. After having called for about 40x times and having a stomach ulcer from all the stress I tried again with my girlfriend's phone. As of wonder he pickes up at once! After a long list of BS excuses and apologies, I can pick up the car. After a half hour test drive, the car felt good. It was 6 degrees and very wet so alot of throttle could not be given in the tree rich area. Returning at his shop, he asks how i'd like to pay my open account. I inform him that, taking in mind the history and persistence of the complaints i had about the tune for the past two years, I would like to try again before i pay the final amount of money. This is normal seems to me. Mr. Berenbroek did not agree with this. Out of the blue i recieved a tantrum with accusations that I had total disregard for all his staff being hospitalozed, his girlfriend's psychosis, and "I wasn't odd that i'm known as a squid and that people ordered pizzas to my door mess with me ..... ". I asked him why he projected HISproblems on me where I absolutly knew nothing about or could know about. Take in ind, I did only managed to reach and talk to him after 12 weeks of nuking his cellphone. The convo was about my car, not about his problems. - Of course. Yet i did not receive a substantive answer to my questions. Apparently, despite the fact that i proven as a reliable person who payed on time for previous bills. For some reason i'm not reliable enough to take the car with me without emptying my pockets. He knew I had no choice because i told him how much I needed my car again. The car was in his shop and behind a sturdy door and a thick metal fence. Under a threatening tone of Jonne, the final payment is thus forced.

Blown away about the strange eruption of Mr. Berenbroek i continued my way home. It was now -2 degrees and the snow fell down with thick. Extremely slippery ride home. It would take less then a pinch on the throttle to lose total control. Only a few weeks later, there was the opportunity to test the car to its full potential. It was now dry and a quiet a bit warmer. Driving in 2nd gear full throttle. The tires had trouble finding grip. 100 meters further I decide to try this again. Immediately things turn bad. The way the car showed his teeth like a pitbull turned to a teethless smile of some old nag. It feels like the ECU ignites only half of the revs. No stutter as if it's a wrong A/F ratio, just a tight pattern as if half of the revs get ignited ...

Again i tried to call Jonne. After several weeks and many attempts im not answered, I decided to call with my girlfriend's work cellphone. He takes up at once! Like the previous time i called him with a strange number. He says he is finishing up with a customer and would call me back in 10. Ten minutes become 2 hours. After 2 hours I decide to call him back. After several calls, he picks up. He is very busy and will call after the weekend to talk. Maybe you'll see where this is going.... Jonne does not call back. For weeks i tried to called him. Nothing. Over 20x a day. Did not get any response. At all.

It's soon time for a new MOT. I decide to offer the car to the MOT station despite it's not driving well. MOT is, of course, mandatory! Emissions again far too high. No lower than 7%. The maximum allowed value of half a percent is therefore completely unreachable. Because I can not get Jonne on the phone, I decide to ask other specialists what options i have to get the car through the MOT. Received information from a Link authorised dealer and I was advised to download PCLink, the program for logging on to the ECU, to view the values given by the ECU. Then it turned out that there was a lock on the ECU. Strange.....

My patience is gone. We are now almost 3 years downt he road and i had nothing but problems with Sky Engineering. Promises are not met and results also remain lost yet to be found.
After calling about 30x a day every day, I immediately get a voicemail. He has now blocked my number!
At this point the MOT has expired. Because I'm unable not get a hold of Mr. Jonne, I am forced to suspend the car and put it in storage.

This week I decided to call with my mother's cellphone. Called once. No response. Not 1 minute later, i get a call back. It appears that Mr. Berenbroek his phone is working after all! He probably expected a new potential customer! Not so much. It's i, "the zealous ******!".
When I confronted him with the fact that I tried to call him for many many weeks, he told me that he had no missed calls from me. No mails, texts or anything ..... riiighttt ..... (ง•̀.•́)ง

During this phone call, he reveals that he'd rather didge me than keep me as a customer. Well then. Don't i feel appreciated as a customer after bringing in large sums of money.... At this point that feeling is totally mutual.
He refuse to give the password he put on the Link ECU without notice or agreement. "Intellectual property" he calls it. Sounded like he had convinced himself pretty well. Apparently, if you pay for a part and service at Sky Engineering, It doesnt make you the owner on his account!

There is no trust in his knowledge and work. In 2 years time 6x tunes, two ECU's, the extremely difficult effort to get in contact with him, along with failure to respect the agreements we had, I think this is the point where i got to stop.
For a long time there has been many, many MANY opportunity to solve the problem and so i given him more time and chances to make that happen. Much longer than legally required. He has failed me almost every step of the way. ... again .... and again... and again....

I gave Jonne two simple options in our last conversation.

1). Give the password and I'm going to seek my salvation somewhere else and split our ways. (No financial compensation for the non-delivered service. - Beeing able to test the engine and seek out the true cause of the problems with the current map.) Or;
2). He does not give the password and deposits an 'X' amount to my account. (He has not been able to deliver the services we agreed upon. The ECU has to be reset and there is no longer any fictional "intellectual property".)

As expected, he does not want to choose either option. He wants to keep the money in his pocket and want me to return to him (once again) so I remain dependent on him and him securing to earn his revenue on me.

The lies on his website as "Sky Engineering" prove in terms of service, quality and professionalism. " And "... we are even the only company in Europe that gives full guarantees of all services ..." are utterly and absolutly lied.
The reviews section on his Facebook has now also been disabled.

So ... Sky Engineering? Stay AWAY !!

With this my personal experience with Sky-Engineering / Jonne Berenbroek in the 3 year period that I had to deal with him.
I have not twisted, lied, modified, or otherwise misinformed my experiences with or about him and his company in any way or form.

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