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For Tomei Expreme Ti-Exhaust System

Release is coming early December, but as discussed earlier today with Tomei sales staff, the first lot is all sold out. Maybe hard to swallow but only 3 systems out of the whole first batch will remain in Japan. Others all headed to Australia. Being said, there is a waiting list piling up this week onward. So if you are ready to order, then please contact asap..

Application 1: For BNR32 (HCR/HNR32 Fitment Ok)
Application 2: For BCNR33 (ECR/ENR33 Fitment Ok)
Application 2: For BNR34 (ER34 Fitment Ok)

Details: Main pipe OD @ 90mm - Rear silencer tip OD @ 120mm. System is 3 piece in total, clean sleeve / spring fitment per section.
DB Levels 101-102 with silencer removed. And roughly 95DB with silencer fitted

Price: 102,000 JPY + Postage
*EMS express estimated @ 12-13,000 JPY
*SAL 1-3 week estimated @ 10-11,000 JPY
*Ground 4-6 week Estimated @ 7-8,000 JPY

Exchange =>

Ordering: Send PM or email to parts @ Pay pal is preferred method as always.

Current advert model for Japan GT-R Magazine:


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I've been waiting ages for something like that. I'll order one in January if you can keep the same price (or better).
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