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Not sure when this is due to be screened but is described as....

Petrolheads is the new BBC panel game show along the lines of "Have I Got News
For You" - but about cars and all things car-related!

The show is to be hosted by Neil Morrissey with one of the team captains being
Richard Hammond from Top Gear. Other top celebrity guests to be confirmed. It
will be a humorous look at the world of cars, testing the panellists' knowledge
of motoring.

The Mrs and I went up to the recording of this last night in Wembley and it looks like it could be a laugh although I'd have to say it's very loosely car related. The other team captain is Chris "RIMMER" Barrie and his guest was the detective out of Life on Mars. Richard Hammonds guest was a guy from Full Monty whose name escapes me at the moment.
I expect it will be a half hour show although we were there about 2 hours during recording and its quite interesting to see how these productions are done. Its the same production crew as Top Gear and is a similar format to "They Thinks its all Over". There's a question round, fill in the blanks round, guess the car round and my favourite....park the 1996 ford escort blindfolded round!!! Any way hopo you get to watch it. I'm now waiting for my Top Gear ticket but theres a long waiting list for these I'm reliably informed:crazy:
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