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New bonnet is not clipping into the latch

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Okay, this is really wrecking my buzz altogether.
Just got a new carbon hood on the car. Have all the gaps and everything spot on but the bloody thing just wont clip down onto the latch at the front.
So i removed it and put back on the standard bonnet, which clips in fine.
Put back on the carbon bonnet and the flippin thing just wont latch on.
Have tried moving the latch around but doesnt make a pick of difference.
Are they (carbon bonnets) meant to clip onto the latch or do most people just use aerocatches or whatever to keep them held down?......
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I've got both standard catch is fine.

From the horror stories i've read though about the latches breaking away from the bonnet, I'd get some aerocatches anyway if I were you
do not rely on your standard catch mate fit aerocatches for peace of mine :)
Yeah, I have a set of aerocatches there and will be fitting them during the week..with a bit of help from Mick.
Was just wondering if the bonnet should close down fully or not........
we'll do them on saturday mate, as for the standard catcj we'll take that off too, its not really needed then. i dont have one and passed the NCT too, its more than likely due to the catch on the bonnet being a few mil short compared to the standard one, that was the problem with mine so it didnt press the catch to lock.
Ah cool, i'l take the catch off tomorrow chief and get started on a few other bits as well.
Im not worried about nct at all.
What time you be able to call over on saturday?......
depends what time i get up, ive to go collect my motor too ;)

should be over to you for around half 1 maybe 2. unless you wana bring me up to collect mine first :D
That suit me grand.
I'l be swapping out the suspension on saturday morning, so dont think i'l have time to shouffeur you around jeeves:D
I'l be going up on thursday if you want to get it then...if its ready.......
tisnt in TDP its getting a little nose job ;) but ill get down to you after just text me directions from say the mondello turn off and ill find ya.
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