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You heard it right guys! CHEAP. Were going to be releasing a top mount single turbo exhaust manifold that will compete with all the other top leading brands. These will fit both RB26 / 26DETT and is being fabricated as we speak. All manifolds will come with dumptubes fabed ready for each manifold, t3/t4 inlet gasket and studs.

You will have the option of:

Single or Dual Wastegate

Undivided or Divided

Single Tial 38mm, Tial 44mm, Precision 46mm, Turbosmart 50mm, Tial or Precision 60mm.

Dual Tial 38mm, Tial 44mm or Precision 46mm Wastegates.

BASE PRICE will start at $1799 for 6cyl. $1499 for 4cyl.
Divided Option + $100
Dual Wastegate Option + $100
Black or Silver Heat Coating + $200

ALL IN USD Currency

Wastegates sold separate but can be purchased at the same time as the manifold.

We also will be offering 4G63, Honda B Series and K Series, SR20, 2JZ and more!!

Examples of completed so far:

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