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Thats right we have FINALLY finished the entire turbo kit and is available for order. If you want to go with an entire turbo kit which comes with: Turbo (Preicision Billet), Manifold, Dumps, Wastegates, Oil Feed Line, Oil Drain Line, Wastegate Lines, Downpipe / Midpipe, Intake Kit and misc hardware. Kit starts at $5000 USD and goes up based on turbo size etc. Below are pics of our manifold that we finished for our jig / prototype. The final manifold will look more finished out like the last image which is a 2JZ manifold. It will be smoother, nicer welding but still top quality, schedule 10 stainless, CNC flange, ported. Manifold weighs roughly 30-32lbs. Comes in T3 or T4 Top mount.

Were offering our manifolds starting at $1800 for a SINGLE UNDIVIDED.

Options are as followed:

Single or Dual Gate (+$100)
Undivided or Divided (+$100)
Black Ceramic Heat Coating (+$200)

Wastegate options are as followed:
Tial 38mm (single or dual)
Tial 44mm (single or dual)
Tial 60mm (single only)
Turbosmart 50mm (Single only)
Precision 46mm (Single or Dual)

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