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hello everyone,
just discovered this forum while using the other. so i thought i'd
better sign on. now i can gather twice as much info !!


On The Far Side...
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another newbie here...

Hi all!

Also came across this forum while reading the other...

I think a lot of people are going to do the same.

There is a thread discussing whether the two sites (clubs) should unite, although there are different views, I think that at the rate things are going just about all the members here will be members there, and all the members there will be members here too!!!!:D

:) :) :)

Needs a self cleaning car
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There I was, minding me own business...

When I fell through a threadhole in the GT-R register and wound up here.

It is always said that if you are trying to formulate an opinion, using more than one source of reference is a good idea.

Two sites with similar but not identical missions. More power to the both.

Love the smilies. :Uzi:

:crazy: Looking at a £2400 repair bill on the toy. Ow. See line below.
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