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well, I'm not an owner yet, but i'm looking to pick up an 82' DR30 RS from a friend in Canada...

currently i have an 84 Nissan S12 from somewhere in Europe with an FJ20E and a stock USDM S14

i figured id post and let everyone know im here, mostly for right now ill be looking into the rules on importing a skyline from Canada. that will determine if i get it or not... Ive gotten a lot of mixed info about it, all i know is that newer skylines are a no-no and a ton of red tape, mostly shady.
But Ive also heard from some sources that if the car is 25years of age, it can get in with little trouble and be registered

but anyways, ill be lurking around here, and if/when I get the car, ill be sure to post some pics :D

(ps, if you have some factual info about the subject, im all ears :D )
1 - 6 of 6 Posts