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New problem solving service

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We have been thinking for a while and I think we have come up with a great idea to help all of you people with running problems. This new service will allow people to save money by not having to spend money on parts that do not fix there problems.

We have put together a stock of parts that have been tested and are known to be 100% working. These parts can be borrowed for only the cost of postage to yourselfs (and back to us). We will require a deposit that will be relevant to the part you are borrowing but this will be refunded once our part is returned back in the same condition as it arrived to you.

Parts that we have available are :-

Coil Packs (all types)
Airflow meters (most types)
Cam angle sensor
ECU`s (try before you buy RSP stage 1 ;) )
Idle Valves
Many other parts that you may need.

In some cases the parts we have supplied for testing maybe available for purchace.

If anyone wants to use this service please feel free to call us.

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I have a standard GTT ecu :) You don`t need to try before you buy Ross as you Know you need it ;)

I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just would like to see what it does for mpg to work out sums. mpg stands for Meters Per Gallon!!
Love this idea.....have you got an ECU for R32 gts-4
or gts-t if they are the same?
Great Idea chaps .. :)
I thought it was a good idea after seeing all those threads where people are buying parts they do not need :)

Andy of you can give me the ecu part number I will have a look for you.

I'll take a look tomorrow and get back to you.
Top job :)
This is a top idea; well done Richard & RSP :D

Can you send me out an RB30?.....
awesome idea waiting for coil packs for my gtt :)
excellent idea :bigthumb:
Very good idea Richard!

Someone who does think about what he´s doing instead of just talking out his a**.

Top job mate, keep up the good work! :bigthumb:

Oh, can you send me an RB30 out please? I would like to try and see if it will sort my lack of torque on the R34 GTT. :D:D:D
Well done guys, a very good idea!!!
how about auto 33 box's as mine does not like rsp power in fourth
excellent idea Richard
great idea guys,

I know i spoke to damo about my idle being different to normal i was wandering if you have a working lambda i could test on my car.

I checked my ecu on consult and it didn't come up with anything but the lambda voltage wasn't switching over if you know what i mean.
hi mate, give me a call and we'll sort out a sensor for you.

cheers damo i'll have to give you a call next week my finances are all over the place at the mo
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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