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Skyline 370GT SP 2007
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Hi, just at the start of COVID I bought a 2007 Skyline 370GT SP coupé as a second car. Other than a set of Yokohama F15 alloy wheels, it is as it left the factory. As lockdown has eased, the car has been able to come out of the garage and start to be used. A trip to Beaulieu for the Japanese car day was the longest journey so far. I am looking forward to being able to enjoy it more.
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I chose the car as a replacement for my RX7 Type R Bathurst R due to the need to accommodate a car seat for my young son and for a more reliable, less frantic take on the JDM coupé. So far the only thing that I have done is to replace the peeling steering wheel bezel with a new old stock item from Japan. I plan to get the car under sealed, the wheels refurbished, correction of some small paint imperfections and to fit an English language navigation system.
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