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New Zealand newbies to the forum say Hi here

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Come say Hi in here guys, introduce yourselves.
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hey to all the nz rb fans currently dropping a 20det in a
r34 neo n/a any1 done this conversion im using 20det ecu loom ect.
need help with wiring 20det loom to r34 dash loom
yes i cant seem to find anyone thats done this conversion
my r34 currently has a 20de neo in it and the 20det engine and box
are ready to go in just want to get az much info az possible before
i bolt it up the problems iv seem to hav read about are the speed sensor
from 20det box to r34 and wiring 20det loom into the r34z dash loom
for sure 25det big box wd b ideal but price wize not so good spos
if u had a spear cupil g layn around..anywayz got the 20det box for free
so no reason not to just chew it up and yes figuerd speeso wdnt work
oh well....
1 - 3 of 435 Posts
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