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New Zealand newbies to the forum say Hi here

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Come say Hi in here guys, introduce yourselves.
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rb25 neo det in my nissan safari gu 480 bhp

hi all
hope you dont mind me joining this forum ,as its not a skyline but will need some help at some stage wiv further mods
i do own a old syyline that i use for work
i also own a fully setup comp truck nissan safari td42 ute wiv turbo conversion etc
i do a lot 4wdriving and this is my new toy

dont knw much about these engines really rb's
trying to find a after market plenum chamer for my neo motor,
has a gtx turbo,top mount greddy intercooler ,bigger injecters ,g4 link ecu, spilt fire coils rb30 bottom end,and other stuff that i will remember later
conversion was done by rips in auckland
so plz be patient wiv me for questions lol
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Welcome aboard mate :bigthumb: It's a Skyline enthusiast club, it really doesn't matter what you actually drive... it's all about the love of Skylines and the RB lol.
I think the GReddy (and the copies) plenum fits the NEO head, but some machining is needed to match the port sizes. Someone may be able to confim this!
...or get RIPS to make you a plenum - I've got a RIPS plenum on my RB20 so if you need any pics of what they look like, just ask :)

Pics of the Safari are encouraged :D (members with less than 10 posts can't posts pics/links so just post a broken link and someone will repost it as a pic). Factory RB30 or is it transplanted?
Welcome aboard mate :bigthumb:
Welcome aboard mate :bighumb:
I think your thumb fell off. :bigthumb:
Haha whoops! Damn lazy fingers not typing out the full word
Hey everyone! just bought my first Skyline, love it! its a 94' GTS25T 4 door, goes great and was owned by a 60 year old man who has had it for the last 15 years, has every warrant/rego receipt and anything you can think of for the car since he bought it! great to find a good site to have a look on to find everything i need about them!
Not sure why you deleted your initial post that I said hello to ...?
..but welcome aboard!
heya ppl

Come say Hi in here guys, introduce yourselves.
Crazy kiwi kid oops ol man hahaha :)
can anyone point me n the rite direction for a workshop manual for an r33?? have a lot to do to me ol girl :)

hey has ne1 got a wingmirror for drivers side??? 2door that is cheers :)
Hey brothers,

New to forum and looking for advice on my exhaust manifold.

Hey guys just another fresh face here from timaru NZ lookin to build up my r33 tbh dont know **** all bout cars so im here to be educated
Welcome aboard mate :bigthumb:
hi guys. i got a cefiro, rb20det she's been my project for the last few years.but now its all cert'd earlier this year i have the pleasure of enjoying it all :D. from auckland.
Welcome mate :bigthumb:
Post up some pic of your Cef if you have any... not a common car in the UK so I'm sure they'd love to see pics!
With less than 10 posts, you won't be able to post pics so just post a broken link (remove the www. ) and someone will repost them as pics :)
heya im from wellington. own a r34 gtt and run my own skyline group :)
Hey rb lovers. New to the site. From the not so winterless north as The Great White has pointed out to me lol ;)
Hey All,

Really helpful forum. Big fan of Skylines. I currently have a R33 GTST M Spec manual, planning on hitting up a few drift/track days in the near future. I also have a JZS147 2JZGTE Toyota Aristo.
Welcome aboard mate :bigthumb:
Get some pics up... especially of the Aristo! I bet it surprises a few people with the GTE lump under the bonnet :grinno:
With less than 10 posts you won't be able to post pics or links (thank spammers for that), just paste the URL but delete the www. and someone will repost them as pics :)
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