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Hi all as the title states I'm new to this website, I primarily post on Fresh Alloy and have posted some on UK GTR forum. I'm always looking for ideas and information. My first Skyline was a C110 while I was living in Japan, Ive lived in Japan for a total of 7yrs 4 months. I'm retired Army and my retirement gift was for me to bring a 1992 Nissan Skyline GTR to America through the now defunk company of Motorex. My car is legal in America but it took 2 years and lots of hassles. I'm posting a few pictures of my car and a mod list. Plesae enjoy and I'm looking forward to sharing information with you.

Engine modifications
• Bored 40 over
• Wiseco Skirted pistons
• Corilla Rods with ARP
• Polished and balanced Crank
• Cosworth bearings
• ATI damper
• Long block balanced with Damper, flywheel & clutch components minus disks attached
• N1 oil pump
• N1 water pump
• Bullion high flow 65degree Celsius thermostat
• Nismo timing belt
• Apexi cams 266 9.0 intake 268 9.0 exhaust
• HKS step 2 springs
• Cometic head gasket
• HKS 2530 turbines
• HKS down pipes
• Z32 MAFs w/Apexi intakes
• RSR front pipe 70mmX2 80mm
• HKS Silencer exhaust
• Sard 720 injectors
• Nismo fuel regulator
• Nismo engine mounts
• Nismo Transmission mount
• Z32 fuel filter

Engine management modifications
• Apexi PFC L Jetro with Data-logit
• Blitz Dual SBCR boost controller
• Greddy boost meter with record

Drive train modifications
• OS twin TS2DB metal clutch
• Route 6 Cross mission
• Transmission member spacers
• ATS 2 way rear Diff
• Steel braided one piece clutch line
• T.S. Dancer torque split controller
• TSP torque split controller from England

Suspension modifications
• Nismo Rear upper link
• Nismo rear A arm
• Nismo front upper link
• Nismo front tension rods
• Kayaba New SR special shocks
• DOW MAX digital springs

Brake Modifications
• R33 GTR Brembo brakes and rotors
• Steel braided lines
• Cusco master cylinder brake brace bar

Body modifications
• Inner fender brace/ A pillar brace
• Cusco strut braces front and rear
• Kansai lower brace bar set
• Nismo front under strut brace bar

Other modifications
• Rear steer solenoids removed
• HICAS canceller installed
• A/C removed (all)
• Power steering reservoir moved.

Items waiting to go on
• Sard fuel regulator
• Tomei fuel rail
• Russell steel braided lines and fittings
• HKS 3 core GT Hybrid intercooler


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hi and welcome ed, from your write up it seems like you've spent alot of time and money on making this a very nice car. would love to see some pics but your images aren't coming thru.
look forward to seeing the pics in the near future.

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Sorted your pics out.

Welcome to the forum, thats one very very nice R32 you've got there.
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