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Hi all,

Soms 15 years ago I introduced myself as EddieR33: that was when I drove with the Dutch Skyline Owners to meetings and shows πŸ™‚

Met a lot of guys back then.... and then it was over for some 10 years: my kid was 13 back then and started playing icehockey..... so we were together for 10 years on- and off the ice and on- and off the inline tracks in Germany(played for 2 German Teams and we had a LOT of fun together). Car stood more in the garage and nothing was done to it.... so it had to go.

Now, 15 years after my first drive and ownership (and LOTS of new friends in the UK) I bought myself a R34GT-X as a daily drive: a Turbo version is simple to thirsty, but DAMN how I love the Nissan's from the "pre-Renault" time.... You know what I mean πŸ˜‰

I purchased a 1999 4 door R34GT-X automatic with only 118000km's on the clocks and it's a grade 4 B: it's as clean as they come new, so I will put up some pictures.

Why a "slushbox"? I was in a motorcycle accident(I was a mechanic at that time) and can't use my foot since then, some 27 years ago. Because I always loved the R33 and was not able to find a good looking R33 4 door I just had to have something just as great.... and this one just came in my path and couldn't be happier(with the current prices rising in Japan I could only dream I would ever own one again, so i'm over the moon with this completely bone-stock car that looks like it has been parked inside a warm garage for the last 21 years πŸ‘Œ

So now you know me(again for some of you still on the forum): i will be around more to get info on "tuning" a R34GT-X with simple mods like airfilters/ exhaust/ etc. and will probably attend some show with my now grown-up son..... at least.... that's what he thinks πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‹

So.... cheers from the Netherlands, Zoetermeer(15 km's from The Hague). greetz, Edwin a.k.a. EddieR34GT-X


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