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Hy guys my name is Tiago and i m from portugal i live in lisbon and my favorite hobby is cars.
Throughout times i ve had many cars but the best projects were a:Saxo 16v
a Lancia Delta Integralle and my previous car an M3 E36.
Now i have a Skyline R32 GTR and i m loving every minute its a world apart.
I have some mods but i ll post them later.
Here in Portugal we have nice roads so its a contry of street racers loooool.
Here is a litle vid of me racing an evo 8 and a supra twin turbo manual with the m3 , none of them is stock.

ps:excuse my tipping errors:sorry:

Kind Regards Tiago

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Hi and welcome mate, don't worry too much about typing errors, I'm sure if we were to try and type in you language we would have a lot more difficulty.
Do you have some pictures of your car?
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