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newbie here, need advice on buying

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hello guys,
im new here, and I need help with a purchase with a rust free, full interior, no running gear,just shell, stripped r34 widebody, how much is that worth, for now I got the seller down to 3700euro, is that worth it? I think so as they are rare in Ireland but need some tips, much appreciated
p.s what questions should I ask him?


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3700€ is cheap as hell, looks like it was originally a non turbo, what engine is in her now?

Already has the ztune bumper with matching hood aswell so that saves some money. Rims looks great to.
there is no engine in it, it was originally a gtt but the guy got a bodykit for it, but I don't wanna go get it and find out that something stupid is wrong with it that I could've asked for so can you help me with what I should ask?
If there's no engine in it I would just look for any defects or body damage and check if the electrical system is working. You don't need an engine to check the lights, mirrors, windows, etc
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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