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hello guys and gals.

i have been a member for 20 months!!! :crazy:

but i have finally bought a skyline :bounce:

i left a deposit this afternoon and make the 400 mile round trip again on monday to collect her.

i have spent those 20 months on here learning as much as possible about the cars.

i originally was gonna buy an R33 GTS-T as i like the shape but 20 months has given me enough time to fall in love with the R32 :D

lots done ( i will copy and paste the list soon ) to save me a lot of cash.

stock engine for now but this allows me to push the chassis etc first in order to make full potential of any engine mods.

my main use is track followed by drag and now getting into drifting.

i had a rover turbo until early this year and had a MK1 MR2 for track use which was a very good handling car.

but no lsd and the engine in the wrong place to practise drift meant the skyline dream could come true.

i hope the forum can help me now i know what i am talking about and that recent events can be forgotten as i do remeber the "good ol' days".

but as i stayed well out of the "politics" of the forum *( been there done that!! lol ) i have manged to have kept a low profile :D

does anyone know the longest time a member hasn't had a skyline? :boobies:

i hope to see some of you at events ( now i can get into JAE next week lol )
look out for this car....


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You must have some patience man,full respect:notworthy .Well worth the wait,she looks a minter,bet you chuffed as F--k,or you have chuffed :D may the :drivin: experience begin:devil:

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very nice R32 mate, can'yt belive you have waited 20 month's and not had the temptation to buy.

but the HKP vulture is circling already if you ever want to change you Volk CV Pro wheels would you be kind enough to concider me first

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all black mate.

the black ones are faster apparently? :D

this is the spec list ( copied from the advert ).................


Very good condition metallic black bodywork, one of the cleanest examples I've seen, later spec II Type-M model (slightly different engine and ECU, a little more power than spec I's)

Non-sunroof shell (sunroofs on R32's are nasty, the switches fall off and hit you on the head when drifting....)

Rolled wheel arch lips all round for clearance allowing WIDE wheels and proper offsets! I've run 18 x 9.5J ET24 with no rubbing issues.

GTR aluminium bonnet (VERY light)

GTR grille ( being removed )

GTR front bumper with lip spoiler (all genuine Nissan items)

GTR bootlid with GTR spoiler

Type-M side skirts and spats (genuine Nissan plastic)

Rear wiper removed, holes filled with perfect fitting grommets. Looks much cleaner.


Volk CV-Pro Split Rims, R32 GTR fitment, 17 x 9J ET20 all round,

Suspension & Steering

Cusco drift-spec coilovers, adjustable height & damping, tender springs added for road use. These coilovers are incredible quality (Cusco stuff always is!) and the stiffness is perfect for drifting and about as stiff as you'd want for the road. Handling is incredible. ( now being swapped for potenza shocks )

Cusco pillowball top mounts

Cusco adjustable rear upper arms, camber set for PERFECTLY even tyre wear

New Tein adjustable tension rods

New Tein tie-rods and ends

DDC custom precision machined 8mm rack spacers for HUGE amounts of steering angle

S14 lower arms with modified knuckles for wider track and more steering angle

Driftworks stainless steel steering column spacer for more direct steering feel and response

Juran alloy front strut brace

Driftworks Poly-bushed rear subframe

R32 GTR rear anti-roll bar (much stiffer than stock! Perfect for drifting!)

HICAS locked out, hydraulics correctly looped with power steering cooler intact


Standard 5-speed manual box with fresh gearbox oil

Standard clutch

Clutch fluid flushed and renewed (DOT 4 synthetic)

Nismo 2-way LSD with fresh LSD oil


Standard RB20DET, never played around with, always looked after and run on
standard boost, very sweet engine.

Runs lovely, pulls strongly, no hesitation at any revs.

Always run on 99 RON fuel

New cambelt

New water pump

New platinum sparkplugs

Oil & filter religiously changed every 2,500 miles

New fuel filter

Fresh coolant

New remote coil pack kit (best mod I've ever done!), so no more coil pack misfires!

APEXi induction kit


Front: Aluminium 4-pot calipers, standard vented discs and uprated pads

Rear: New Red Dot vented and grooved discs with custom vented and grooved handbrake drum section for drift use!!

Aluminium 2-pot rear calipers with new rear pads (OEM)

New handbrake shoes (OEM)

Fluid flushed and renewed (DOT 4 synthetic brake fluid)


R32 GTR seats front and rear ( now swapped for GTS-T originals )

All carpet and trim in excellent condition bar the rear window surrounds which could do with the trim being re-stuck, and slight lifting of the dash trim above the centre vent (both these are very common on R32's)

New dashboard vents

Genuine NISMO 260 kph speedometer

Gay fabric trim on door cars removed, vinyl rubbed down and polished - looks
MUCH better than stock

Panasonic CD/MP3 Stereo (works with iPod) with Kenwood AFC speakers

Momo leather steering wheel and correct R32-specific boss (rare)

RAZO suede gear knob

Original Skyline fitted floormats

VSIB/Insurance Approved Sterling Excel immobiliser, with certificate to keep insurance companies happy.

Overall, this is a very clean, 100% reliable and well looked after R32 road car that is in the best colour. It has a superb spec, some nice expensive split rim wheels and is ready to drift, whilst still being clean, complete and comfortable.

Looks amazing, very aggressive stance, everyone thinks it's a GTR...

Handles and drifts incredibley well. Very easy, fast and controllable. The superb suspension set-up and 2-way LSD makes the absolute most of it's stock 215 horsepower. And keeps reliability 100%.

In it's current tune, this R32 can do it all - fast road, drift and track work.
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