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Theres alot of people asking this lately, Even though there are countless threads on it. So heres one thats easy to find, easy to follow to guide you into Uploading your Pictures.

Click on...

Its free to Join, and free to use. All photos you upload will stay on Photobucket no matter how long you leave them, so you wont ever loose your pictures in your threads unless you delete them off photobucket.


Click on Join Now....

Next 2 pages will be asking for your Information. Eg- UserName, Email Address etc...

Click on browse.. That will take you to your documents, so search for the picture you want to Upload.. You can Upload 3 at a time.

The small circle above is size adjusment.

You can upload from Tiny (which is more for Avatars/example below) to the 17" screen which is which will be as standard, so you will rarely have to go into that.

Once chosen, Click on Upload.. Sit and wait..

When its Uploaded it will take you to Edit Tags, Not necassary but you can change your Title and description. Once done, Scroll down and click on Return to Album.

When you have returned to your Album, Move the mouse over your picture and it will throw down a few options. You will only really ever need one option and that is the IMG code.

Right click and left click, and copy..

Sometimes it wont let you as the drop down menu will dissapear. If it does follow the below steps.

Move the mouse over the picture and click on it. On the right of the screen it will have the same options as the drop down menu did. On this just click the IMG code and it will instantly be copied.

Next thing to do once copied is to go on the Forum/thread you want to post your picture on. Simply right click in the message box and paste...

Then post after you have finished writing etc....

Hey Presto..... Youve now uploaded a picture.......


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I post a thread with plenty of pics and I made it by copy the "direct link" and paste it on the area of "insert image" icon. When I push the "preview" button I can see my images perfectly, but when I push the "submit" button it doesn't appears anythink in my thread... :( Should I have to wait for a while because of the number of pics???? or something is going wrong? Help please...

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you need ten posts before you can put pics up or post a broken url link as in delete the www part of the link and a mod will fix it for you
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