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Right, what to do what to do?

  • Static meet: Virginia Waters meet, lots of chit chat and burgers

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  • Bowling: Heathrow bowl with some chit chat

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Next West London meet

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Hi guys,

Right as the last few organised meet's have had poor turnout's I've decided to let you guys fight it out between you. :vader:

Can you vote for where you want it to take place and what you want to do

Please only vote if your actually plan to turn up :D
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monkey puzzle chessington is a good,s a pub/static/sit down meal meet where we can arrange such things as brag runs...i think this will grow and catch on....bit o grub,drinks,or just chit chat in the car lovely in the summer.....keep up the good work battyboy:grinno:
Well i have voted for Chessington meet as what plugw4 said and well said ;)

I will have a R32GTR soon Alan and be in your club :cheers:

Just trying to sort a Feb meet out for chessington when i should have the car then :)
To cold to be standing around, i vote for a drive/brag run/tunnels
Monkey puzzle sounds good.

Pub to go into to warm up!

Doubt my car will be ready by Feb, so may turn up in an Astra Merit......
Anything as long as you guys show up :D

personally i cant sit in the pub for my religion it will be nice to meet in west london how about the parking place in hyde park that nice and big near the river there are coffee shops there or even if you had a nice place in mind :cheers:
West London mate, Thats about as central as it comes!
I need to get my ass down to one of your meets :)
Ok guys, going to do one more meet then stand down as an area rep as there seems to be no interest for West London meets. Although we have 30 ish people in a relatively small area, only a hand full of hardcore owners actually turn up. Ill organise RR days and the odd run out during the spring summer months.
Sorry to here you are going to stand down Ross. If thats what you have decided lets make your last organised meet a big one :)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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