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Nismo Carbon Fibre Pillar Garnish R33 Coupe.

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Have limited amount of this now discontinued item with Nismo logo available. For R33 and R34 coupes.

Price and picture on website here;
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Ok, will let you know when they come in Marroon-sky. Thanks. :)
The pillar garnishes are now in. Limited amount, prices and pics available on website;
mint i justorderd these and side repeaters for my new skyline, thanks vicky you were very helpful! :)
Thank-you. Was good to talk with you today. I have a great time getting to talk with nicest people all day long. :D
edited to remove useless post.

i have a set of these and i can say, even though they are stick on, the type of stick on material you get on ebay is nowhere NEAR as nice as this.

these have volume to them, they're not just a flat sheet cut into shape, it has a clear resin on top that gives it it's shape.

the carbon underneath looks like real 1x1 twill carbon.

the glue on these things is CRAZY strong! when i was applying mine i accidentally let a piece of the back side with the glue touch my pillars and OMG did i have a hell of a time pulling it back off to reallign it!

I'd be willing to be money that these things are never ever coming off unless you severely damage them in the process of pulling/scraping them off
Can you stilll get hold of these?
Not certain, i think some perhaps. Will check and post back. :)

Definitely out of stock here though.
If you can get a set for R33, please PM me :)
Sorry StreetMachine have sent a few mails and it seems that I am unable to help with this one at this time. :(
Can u still get hold of these. I would b interested in a set. :)
bear with Vicky and the team she's on holiday until next week but yer i believe she can get them!
21 - 31 of 31 Posts
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