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I have for sale a used Nismo Fuel pressure regulator, and a brand new, unopened, Trust fuel rail adaptor (Only arrived this morning). I bought them for my RB20, but space constraints have meant I'm going to have to go with a smaller Sard setup.

The Nismo unit has AN6 fittings. Fuel rail adaptor is also AN6 with 32mm fitting holes. According to the Trust blurb, it will fit the following cars:
All EJ20 engines found in the Impreza (GC8/GF8), Legacy
13B-REW equipped FD3S RX-7

Will also fit the RB20 as well if you're using some kind of side intake manifold (Plazmaman or similar), as the stock manifold gets in the way. I would imagine it might fit the 25 also if you're using a Greddy side intake manifold.
Looking for £80 posted for the pair or 70 squid if you want to come get it.

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