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I fetched a list of some part numbers you can take to the nissan dealership and they should be able to order them, there for the RB20DET engine and the R32 GTS-T skylines. If anyone can double check the numbers, as these haven't ALL been verified by myself, that would be great. Thanks.

*Warning, this part list is nowhere near complete*

Water Pump: 21010-21U25
Thermostat: 21200-42L05
coil Packs: 22433 60U02 MCP-300124 (old number: NI22433-60U01)
Idler Pulley: AY660-NS001 (Famous for blowing up and leaving red dust)
Oil Filter Genuine Nissan: 15208-H8911 (Apparently a 15208-55Y00 works too? Old number for the 55Y00 was NI15208-H8904, anyone verify?)
Oil Capacity: 4.6L with filter (10w 40 is Manufacturer Spec)
Coolant Capacity: 9L
Manual Gearbox: 2L (80w 90)
P/s Fluid capacity, non-hicas: 1.8L
Sump washer 11026-01M02
Fuel filter 16400-53J10
Rear diff oil 1.5L
Alternator belt 11720-24U00
Cam belt 13028-20P10
PAS belt 11950-04U00
NGK standard plugs PFR5A-11 1.1mm gapped
NGK Iridium plugs T7341T-8 0.8mm gapped
(I use NGK Iridium BCPR5EIX-11)
Trust-Greddy Iridium plugs IT08 0.8mm gapped
Brake pads and discs for r32 gtst are the same as s13 200sx (silvia s13)
Speedo drive gearbox end 32702-58S21
Air Flow Meter 22680-02U00

Thats all i got, if you guys want to continue to add part numbers that would be great, be nice to get as long of a list as possible. :feedback:

(P.S, can someone verify the oil filter part numbers? im not 100% sure, as its been hearsay and i havent changed oil yet)

And here is a list of parts that was devised entirely by some people on the site...

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sorry to dig up an old thread but I thought it better to search and post up rather than just post up a "what is it" thread!

I'm after the part number for a PAS belt for my 33gtst - is it the same as the one in this listing above or something else? Also is there anyone off here I can get them from?

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