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last week i went into my local nissan dealers in ipswich as i want to return my r32 gtr to standard spec.

at the moment it has the following bits on;

hks evc 5
hks full exhaust + downpipe
hks fuel defencer
hks filters
bilstein suspension (feels like riding down the path on a skateboard!)
17 inch wheels (unknown type)
255's all round

the previous owner had all the work done but its as close to standard as i could get and it was close to home.

went back to nissan today to get prices

these prices do not include VAT
exhaust front pipe £607.09
exhaust rear section £726.57
original alloy wheels £779.50 EACH yes thats EACH
handbrake lever (rubber handle has split) £242.87

i thought it might be dear but not THAT dear
i want a new GTR badge on the boot too but i think i'll just repaint that one!
he said he was waiting for the price on the centre section of the exhaust but i told him not to bother as i'll not pay £2000 for a standard exhaust!

is this representative of main dealer prices or is this bloody dear!

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Nissan parts prices

The main dealer prices are always expensive but yours seems
to be a bit excessive
I recently purchased a R33 GTR front bumper-£202.30+VAT
a R33 GTR front wing-£209.98+VAT
These prices sound dear but the bumper was actually cheaper
than the one i purchased for a Vannete cargo 3 years ago and the
front wing was about £30 dearer than the vannete wing
I got my stuff from Arnold clark nissan.

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you're right about the hks is quality, but i just dont want it on there.
when was the last time you saw a standard r32 gtr? theres just none around and by my reckoning even though the hks stuff is good and expensive i think that if i keep it standard it will be worth more in the long run.
i was given she stock suspension by the previous owner and its in really good nick so i can put that back on.
i just didn't think the dealer would be that dear.

i spent around 6 months looking at skylines and never saw one with the standard exhaust and i was prepared to look for a further 6 but this one came up close to home with 60k on and light reversible mods.

i think these skylines with 700,800,900,1000hp are fantastic and you can't help but admire the workmanship that goes into these cars, some are just incredible.

it's just not for me
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