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I would like to invite you to bid Nissan Skyline R33 LHD converted. The buy it now price is 36 200 euro but there is an option to buy it at lower price :)
Below some details and a link with pictures

Nissan Skyline r33 GTS Bee R LHD Massive Spec Drift Race Show Winter Price | eBay

WINTER SALE!!! THIS IS A REAL BARGAIN !!! My loss is your gain! Massive spec - best LHD-more info please email or call +48 793 021 888

Nissan Skyline R33 Bee-R 1994 done custom conversion to LHD, very rare car, professionally build - ONLY ONE!!!!. This car is a part of my life, almost 5 years of building, many stages.

Have all history with pics and videos. I can prepare all export documents and transport to any place in the world in one day. There is an option to deliever Nissan by myself to any place in EU on a trailer.

Any questions - please ask :) I can send you direct link to video from dyno and dyno graph also more pisc available :) Massive spec - best LHD road legal - all parts new and authentic from Japan, brands like Greddy, HKS, Blitz, Autoselect and more.

469 bhp!!! - You can increase power do safety 550 bhp - you have to do only remap Apexi Power FC ECU and buy new fuel pressure regulator - I would do this now - but I have a winter in my area and I have to wait to spring. To new buyer I will explain everything about this project. Please dont be affraid about language ;) english its not a problem and from german I have my friend ;) Also I have a Certificate from Nissan Homologation Europe where is written that all numbers match and ale correct to original. Of course I will give it to new buyer. The auction is with minimal price set - I can negotiate - before clicking buy it now - please contact me. This car is a very good investment - cost a fortune to build it. Below some spec.

Payment cash, bank transfer - can be in Euro - all details about payment, invoice, taxes - please ask I will do my best to make both sides happy ;)

Some people say why I am selling it ? I just need money for my own house and garage to build in future new cars :)

The car have to be picked up before 24th december. You can see it in Białystok in Poland - also we can talk about help with picking up a buyer from Warsaw airport. No worries I have an experience with selling cars abroad.


2,5 liter straight six cylinder turbocharged engine
spark plugs NGK IRIDIUM heat 8
fuel pump Walbro 255
injectors 475cc JECS side feed (3 bar)
magnetic oil drain Greddy
Blitz oil cap
Oil Millers CFS 10w60
Oil filter K&N HP-2008
Head gasket Cometic
Engine head - porting Stage 1
seals and valvetrains Supertech


HKS air filter
Full custom intake
GT35 turbocharger with heat blanket
Front mount intercooler
Greddy Type-R blow off valve
Nismo short intake manifold
Samco intake silicones
Custom oil catch tank
Custom breathers AN12
Cometic intake manifold gasket


Cometic exhaust gasket
custom upgraded Japspeed-a downpipe
3,5 inch exhaust by Kakimoto Racing
top mount stainless steel exhaust manifold
Turbosmart wastegate


D1Spec engine earth grounding kit
Apexi Power FC
Apexi ELII 60mm EGT gauge
Apexi ELII 60mm oil press gauge
Apexi ELII gauge main unit
AG 52mm oil temp gauge
AEM wideband AFR gauge
Greddy full auto turbo timer
Apexi AVC-R boost controller black series


Japspeed short shifter
Exedy clutch pressure plate 40% stronger than OEM
XTD "MIBA" racing 6 plate cooper-ceramic clutch plate
Motul 90Pa in differential
Motul 300V 75w/90 in gearbox
SilverProject full poli gearbox mount


Coilovers ISC N1 - drift spec - 8kg/6kg - pillowballs - 32-way
Custom hicas lock out bar
Nismo front upper tower bar
Nismo reat tower bar
front anti roll bar Whiteline 24mm heavy duty,
four way adjustable - BNF24Z
Rear Whiteline 22mm X heavy duty,
two way adjustable - BNR11XZ
Whiteline ARP poli bushes
Whiteline anti drop links- heavy duty, front uniball version
uprated rear camber arms


Brake lines HEL braided stainless steel
brake pump BM57
NISMO brake stopper
Motul DOT 5.1 brake fluid
front Brembo 6 piston monoblock calipers, brake disc 360mm
rear Brembo two piston calipers, brake disc 322mm


R33 GTR OEM front bumper
Nismo N1 bumper vents
Nismo N1 bonnet lip
R33 GTR OEM front grill
lightweight bonnet by Autor with AeroCatch locks
TopSecret side skirts
R33 GTR OEM rear spoiler
R33 type-m rear spats
AutoSelect front canards - carbon
TopSecret rear diffuser – carbon
TopSecret rear diffusor adds - carbon
Rear spoiler Bee-R - carbon
Bi-xenon LHD front lights
Nismo white side and front indicators
single wiper


Sparco R100 bucket seats
Greddy Trust shift knob
black headliner
custom LHD dashboard

GTR clocks


Pioneer + Diora


HKS radiator cap 1.1 bar
Mocal sandwitch plate
Setrab 16-row oil cooler
8-row power steering cooler
Samco silicone water and steering hoses


Rota GRID 19" 9,5J i 10,5J painted in House of Kolor purple candy
Front tires 225/40 BRIDGESTONE POTENZA, rear 245/40
Project Kics R40 wheel nuts
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