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Nitto RB26 to 2.7 stroker kit

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Nitto RB26 to RB27 Stroker Kit now available from Fully Loaded Cars. NITTO's RB26DETT Stroker kits are designed for use in all motorsport classifications including drag racing, drifting and circuit racing. Rotational capability is lifted to 12,000 RPM and power handling is rated to 1600 HP. The changed harmonics due to the crankshaft material and design results in a much “freer revving” more balanced engine.

4340 Grade Billet Steel
Fully Counter Weighted
Knife Edged
Nitrided Finish
Fully Balanced

4340 Grade Billet Steel
I-Beam Construction
Quality ARP 2000 Series Bolts
Optional ARP Custom Age 625 Plus Series Bolts

JE / NITTO Produced Quality & Unique Design
Forged T6 2816 Aluminium Alloy
Low Silicone Content
Contact Reduction Grooves
Accumulator Groove
Thick Wall 93 Series 9310 Nickel / Carbon Steel Alloy Pins

Price £5700 delivered from Japan.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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