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Hi Guys,

Looking for some help or guidance really if possible?

Been a very very long time since I've used this forum and I've been dreading the day but... I'm looking to sell my Skyline and probably to a breaker, unless someone wants a project car and need some advice.

The car has been on my drive and not moved for over a year now. Before I stopped driving it, there were no faults, it ran lovely and came on boost nice, I had big plans! I just couldn't afford to run it anymore as I bought a house a little while after buying it and now I've got a baby on the way! I want to keep it but it'll just sit there in reality and it just makes me a bit sad as I can't appreciate the car as it should be.
The car is complete, no parts missing as I say... was driving it on weekends and then I stopped...the MOT ran out and I never got round to doing it and couldn't afford insurance etc anymore and so it was started regularly, moved (on a private road to keep it loose once in a while). All my friends cars got faster and mine sat there... but on a drive to my home!

This is not an ad at present and I'm not aware of the forum etiquette anymore as it's been so long (apologies, please move if need be)
I'll try grab some more photos, yes there's a BGW on it, I couldn't source a boot lid that had a nice GTR spoiler for less than £5465485393 but I was getting round to it!

The car is a 1995 R33 GTST MANUAL Spec 1.5 - (owner and V5 since Oct 2015)

Paint - Black, poor condition
Body, a few pint dents
Bumpers, few scuffs
Arches, rear arches VERY rusty, one worse than the other.
Front arches one getting pretty rusty.
Lit skyline emblem in boot?
Strut tops, some surface rust (ok i think?)

RB25DET circa 85k miles with conversion
Parts that I've fitted that I can remember(and still have invoices for mainly) and some were already on vehicle:
APEXI PFC with hand commander (not d-jetro)
Large Aluminium Radiator
Turbo Rebuild's oil journal Hybrid turbo T3 .63 A/R Rated to 400+
Custom hard piping(functional, not fancy).
JECS 555c Injectors
Benchmark coil packs
Short ram Blitz Air filter
Oil catch can
Greddy Profec B Spec II Boost Controller
Competition Clutch - Stage 4 6PUK Paddle clutch
New clutch slave cyl
HKS Turbo Timer
AEM AFR wideband gauge
N1 Kakimoto Stainless Steel full decat straight through exhaust
Stainless Steel Divorved elbow
Braided brake lines

Rota wheels front and rear, front black, rear yellow (had just put them on after selling another set)

HSD Dualtech Coilovers

Full GTST interior including door cards.
MOMO 3 spoke Steering wheel
Aluminium gear knob (cant remember brand, will have a look tomorrow)
Original Skyline Mats
Cobra immobiliser with 2 fobs, spare key and original key.

Probably missed loads, oh, no aircon, this was removed!

I haven't a clue what i should be asking for money wise or how to get an offer (sorry for coming across naive).

Your help is much appreciated.

Thanks all.



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Seems such a shame to see it looking like this. I don’t know what you would get for it selling to a breaker £1500 perhaps but as always worth more in parts. There are some nice bits on there (not the bgw though )

Good luck with whichever way you go

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A breaker will offer you humble money unfortunately. Would shell be able to be saved or past it? Be nice for a project for someone or break it yourself. Few nice bits on it. Good luck with whatever you decide

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If the rust looks that bad on the outside its not looking hopeful, I suspect by leaving it exposed to the elements on your driveway for 1yr+ you've done more harm than good. You need to get it onto a ramp and look underneath to see how bad the rust is, this will be the biggest factor in ANY sales price otherwise you will just be low balled as people expect the worse.
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