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soon to be 4dr r32 owner!
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but had a bit of a nightmare, dropped the car off at the garage, they phoned me later on saying the clutch was useless, the dowelss wouldn't line up as the backing plate was bent, phoned the company who supplied the clutch and they told me it would be ok, said i'll have to contact the couriour company and try and get the carrage back. The garage wouldn't warranty the work as they had to drill out a dowel to get the thing to fit. all in the fittign and a boost pipe problem cost me £250, and the clucth(recon) was £117, so really had i know I could have possibly got a new one including fitting, never mind.

anyway the good news is that the underneath of the car is in good shape, and I was complimented on how good the engine sounds, so at least it appears the engine isn't a pile fo poo.

so the car is officially up for sale, and I'll be tidying it up for the sale.

hopefully i wont loose too much on it, seeing as i've only driven it for a total of about 5 hours since i've had it!

anyone after a cheap 4 door?
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