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No Start Issue

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Hello everyone, let me start off with saying I own a Nissan Skyline R33. Recently its been sitting up for awhile due to no funding for repair. The car was running fine before but after being laid up for so long im having a no start issue. I replaced the fuel pump relay, ignitor and coils. But im still not getting any fire, my ecu light isn't on but the dash lights comes on also the starter cranks. I changed the fuel pump to a walbro being that the old one was sitting there so long. I overlooked the relay and pin 3 seems to be getting current, but when I turn the key to on it doesnt prime. I got a relay that had the cover removed as a test, I made contact to pin 5 manually and the pump primed continously until I released it. Is this a grounding issue? I know that the electromagnetic is supposed to do the job in the relay when making contact.

As of the no fire issue I did some research and noticed that the ecu sends the signal to the CAS then to the ignitor and injectors if I am correct?

Can someone please assist me it would be greatly appreciated, I can provide pictures if needed.
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Is the fuel pump primeing when you turn the key to start?

If not there's your issue and you've worked it out yourself. It's not grounded properly
No it does not turn Prime when I set the key to on. Most likely I'll have to trace the ground wire for the fuel pump back to check if there are any break in the connections are is there another method?
Just do a continuity test from the negative on the fuel pump wire to the bodywork you'll soon know if it's broken
Okay I checked the negative on the fuel pump wire and I got the beep for continuity. Meaning the circuit is good. Im still getting hot on terminal 3 of the relay connector and also 1&2 im also recieving hot but its a little dim on both. So I traced everything back to the FPCM I tested the connector for hot and got nothing from pin 2. Which I assume is the signal from the ecu for the FPCM to engage the pump. But I checked the ecu and pin 104 is hot. So im guessing now that theres a break in the wire from the ecu to the fpcm?
Ok so I traced the orange signal wire back to the ecu (Pin 104) and the FPCM is not getting any signal. Im going to try and reset the ecu to see if it makes a difference.
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