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Blackpool Illuminations

It's that time of year again for one of our biggest and much awaited events...

This meet has been a big annual event for many years and by popular demand we are continuing the long standing tradition and well trodden path.
(plus it takes no brain power to copy ideas from previous years :D)

Don't miss your chance to be a part of it this year!

Morrison's Supermarket, drive to the left past Mc Donald's to the Morrison's car park at the back

Morrison's Car park by Mc Donald's Car Park - FY4 2RP - 19:30 to set off at 20:00

The Drive
From the meet point we'll drive to the coast and along the golden mile at a leisurely pace taking in the illuminations.

Clicky - Short 20min drive along the illuminated coast

The Destination - Bispham Kitchen - FY2 9HW

Traditionally the drive finishes outside the Bispham kitchen. A tried and tested chippy serving great traditional chippy food and great cakes.

Parking directly outside the chippy is little to none, so continue down the road a couple of hundred metres and there is a Sainsbury's with large car park.

See picture below, the Bispham Kitchen in the red circle and the car park in blue.

Moby Dick and Chips
There are some in the Northwest with big appetites, and the Bispham Kitchen is not going to let them down. The moby dick and chips has become as much a tradition as the Blackpool run itself.

...And if you don't think that will fill you up, ORDER TWO!

Finally if you've any room left, there are some mouth watering cakes to choose from

We could do with numbers for this one, so the chippy can reserve some space for us, so get your names down for one of the big events of the year.

See you there

For those with Walkie Talkies, Channel 2

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Who's in

1. Martin
2. Monstermind
3. Rick
4. Phil
5. Ian
6. Pedro +1
7. Darren +1
8. Mr & Mrs Raiser
9. Mr & Mrs Dexan
10. Steve M
11. Adam
12. Brian
13. littlerhino
14. Bluell
15. Lee
16. djb55
17. Spatt
18. Andy locksmith
19. Jondrift
20. Andy & Mrs Jaffa

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These particular meets have been on a Monday night for years. We tried moving them to weekends, but some of the people who always attend found it difficult to make the weekend ones and we didn't really get many other attendees. So we went back to Mondays. We'll never please everyone, but there are meets at the weekend too.

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Provisionally Me and Mrs Raiser again.........So long as the fuel pump is fixed in time... + I don't start a big fire.
At least the test meter confirmed it is pump + not wiring / ECU - so let the fun begin.Time to roll up sleeves + slosh an arm around in that nearly full tank of V-Power. :eek:
Curse you crappy Walbro.. ( I always knew U were a Chinese knock off !).. :smoker: = :devil:
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