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number plate

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just wondering if anyone knows what the smallest legal number plate you can put on the front of a skyline and where i can get a one from? am wanting a smaller one instead of the big square one that i have.
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I have a fairly small one on the front and when I got it MOTed the guy had to check whether it was to small so I think it is about a small as you can go legally.

I got it from Middlehurst GTR centre, i'm sure most places will do them.
Hope this helps.


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That link doesnt work mate.
think smallest you can have which i believe is legal is
330x130 or 13"x5"
hmmm a guy on here tilly... he has one and its the length of the old fashion monitors the screen bit if u get me its tiny...
ok, try going to the search button and typing in legal number plates. that will give you loads of choices
i dont know what the legal size it but i know mine is ilegal....its about 6"x"6

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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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