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Nurburgring 2011

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Planning to run the trip for start of June time (6th), my Idea is as i'm planning on doing the Nitro tour which stops at the Nurburgring is to start the trip around that date.

Who's up for it?
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Always up for some track work on the Ring as you know bud. And would agree on getting it up around june/july time again as this year it was a little late. Hopefully there will be more people and Skylines joining the trip then.
Didn't you say 2nd to 7th of june initially? You said first weekend in june iirc. Eiherway I've now taken these days off so if it's gonna be 6th to 12th I won't be able to make it this year as I can't get days off then.
Any news on final dates Bruce?
6th to 10th of june? Thats monday to friday, no weekend this year? Could be a bad idea as the ring has the best public track times on weekends usually! Saturday and sunday you normally have track open the whole day, during the week its mostly 2 or 3 hours only due to manufacturers using it as a test track.
Just spoke to the guys at the Ring and they´re still working on this years calender and squeezing in all the events and races that will take place there. After that they will release the public track times and full calender for 2011. Unfortunately they don´t know yet when this will be finished.
Gay, seems to be taking longer than normal.
That´s what I said too, but they didn´t seem to care too much about that let´s put it that way. :gay: :rofl:
Ok guys, Bruce asked me to get in touch with the Ring and see what the status is regarding public track time around our ring trip date(s). In short term: looking bad!

At the moment the plan lists 29th of may for public track time. Then there is a big gap followed by the 11th of june being the next available public track day.

The gap in between is on purpose. There will be the well know Rock am Ring concert from 2nd to 5th of june. And they close the track for that time plus for a couple of days before and after the event.

They said they have no plans of changing that in any way. So looks like you´ll have to find a different date for us Bruce. Sorry for not coming up with better news... :(
I know it sucks but nothing I can do sorry. It's a pain for me too as I've taken that week off already and now I am forced to stay with this as I' m not allowed to change it anymore. :(

Let us know in case you plan on another date and I'll see if I can make it.
Bruce, I've spoken to the chief at Hockenheimring. No good news for you. 6th 7th and 8th of june are not available at all. Only 9th of june could be done. But even then you would have to hook up with another german community that will be on track that day. Also you won't be around anymore on thr 9th iirc?!
1 - 9 of 47 Posts
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