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Ok guys, Chris asked me to do some research for you on places around the Ring where you could throw your cars on the Dyno while being in Germany.

As already said in other Nurburgring thread, I found many places, but in the end only one place available as all the others were scared of BIGMAN´s BEAST! :rofl::rofl:

So here the details:

Motorsport Company: spezialised on Dyno runs and testing
Location: only 2.5km from the Ring!!!
Possible appointments: Friday or Monday open till 6pm - Saturday and Sunday closed
Aprox time to dyno one car: min. 20mins max. 35mins

AWD and RWD Dyno
BIG cooling/fresh air system
Moving 7.000m³ fresh air and 6.200m³ discharged air
Air7 cooling fan with aprox 160-180km/h windspeed
Additional 7.5kw powered cooling fan with 250 diameter pipe

Corrected poweroutput (graph/curve)
Tabular form possible too

As an extra he would put a full boost printout (graph/curve) on top! :)

AWD cars would need front AND rear towing hook.
RWD cars would need only rear towing hook.

Price per car would be 125 Euros which is exactly 100 GBP. Not the cheapest, I know, but he seems to know what he´s doing. Cheaper ones disappeared being scared of BIGMAN´s BEAST! :rofl: I might be able to get the price down a little for you if there is a few cars, but can´t promise.

Please let me know your thoughts as if you would like to do that, obviously I need to tell the guy what day and aprox what time we´ll be showing up.

If you think this Dyno is/sounds crap, please let me know too as I´m no Dyno specialist or whatsoever. I simply tried to find some places with good equipment for you guys as Chris asked me. So if crap, we can just kick it and close the thread, no probs. :cheers:

IF interested maybe start the usual list?

Cheers guys! :cheers:

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BIGMAN, you did realize that this thread was for Ring Trip 2008 did you - lol? :rofl:

The guy above bumped a two year old thing with a post I have no idea on what he was trying to say.
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