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Hi Folks,

Totally clueless here and hoping you can help me out.

Right I have got an oil cooler a take off plate and remote oil filter unit. (I think thats what they are called)

I've been having a look on the internet at oil coolers, sizes etc and found this site below. It seems to be good for fitting guides etc....

My problem is I dont know the fittings on the oil cooler and the other units. :(

Here are some pictures.....

Oil Cooler (I think its a Just Jap one)

Measuring tape is 1 inch thread to thread....

The remote oil filter unit is just over 2cm about 2.2

From what i think i know the oil cooler is a BSP head and the other is a AN (Jic) fitting.

Basically I want to get something on the lines of this for them....|66:2|65:12|39:1|240:1318

But I dont know what size to order. :( Can anyone help me?

RB25det inside
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Well you can afford to gamble on the fittings lol
Ring them tomorrow + explain what you want + I'm sure they sort you out with fittings ,clamps + a suitable hose.
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