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Oil in intercooler pipework

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Fitting a fmic today and found that when I pulled the old pipework off inside it had a light coating of what I can only describe as 'oily soot' / 'a little bit of non gritty black sludge' . Engine is running well and doesn't appear to be using oil. Exhaust isn't noticeably smoky.

Car has about 80k miles on it with stock turbo and internals. Haven't compression tested or anything because engine runs well.

Should I be worried / be looking around for a new turbo ?
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i wouldnt worry as all are like that
Thanks for that.

I can't afford to upgrade the turbo ...... yet.

All pisans are like this. Like Reeper said, don't worry.
As said a LIGHT coating is fine due to the engine breather being ran back into the inlet. If you took the pipe off and oil was literally running out then thats a different matter
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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