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ONLINE SHOP LAUNCHED! check the specials!

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The Knight-Racer Online Shop is now open and fully functional! -

For the latest deals and bargains please check "SPECIALS" and remember to keep an eye on those as they change on a regular basis.

We keep around £100k worth of stock at any one time, which means most products are available for next day delivery - a rarity in the UK.

Unsure of the service you'll get? Please check "Customer Feedback" (
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nice one, what kind of discount do we get as forum members compared to any regular joe who goes to that site then?

any special codes to enter to relate to the customer value we have been / will be?
you'll have to keep an eye out for specials on the site and offers on this forum. they can change at any time.

I will issue discount codes whenever i run a special offer for you guys. But at the moment, the prices in the SPECIALS section is already extremely cheap, some might already be cheaper than whats advertised on this forum. ;)
Now you have that carbon front bumber splitter on sale when i dont have enought funds...=(

Or if you could do it for that prize delivered to Finland and i`ll cover my car with your stickers =)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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