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Hey everyone! I've been poking around on the forum for a bit while I've been looking at buying a GTR, but I just set up an account.

So a little background - I live in the US, I'm currently going to college, and I may be studying abroad in Japan this coming fall. Long story short, my plan is to buy a GTR while I'm over there, drive it around for the 9 months I'm there, then ship it back to the US at the end of my stay. I may buy a GTR before I head over if I find the right car - that brings me to my next point. What do you think of this GTR? It's a 1991 that's got some choice upgrades that I really like and they're asking ¥2,178,700 (the price will be slightly lower since I'd pick it up when I get there). If you click the link below it has tons of pictures of the car, a few videos of it, and a small description. The respray from the original AH3 Red to the Yellow doesn't really bother me, as I'd be able to call it Project Volcano :naughty:. Let me know what you think!



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