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hi all.

when i brought my car it was already fitted with a profec b spec2 boost controller which was set up nicely.

I then added a japspeed fmic, but due to problems had to reduce the boost to 0.6 bar. Turned out the problem was my coilpacks so ive now fitted splitfires and iridum 8 plugs and the car now runs soooo smooth.

after all this i found it necessary to attempt reset up of my boost controller. But i cannot stabilise the boost. Ive tried following the walk through on here and even inputting other peoples figures, but by adjusting the figures i can only seem to cause the boost to rocket sooner. Even with boost and gain settings turned to minimum, or set at 'stock' (and even turned off) the car overboosts between 5-6k. Then it dips before rocketing with the cam lift.

It just doesnt make sense to me, an ideas?
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