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Tigers eat tyres
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I have a set of OZ 18 x 9.5 racing alloys (ET20) that I’m possibly looking to swap as they are not the correct fit for the GTT. Basically they protrude from the wheel arches by a few CM's and although i like the look its a pain in the arse to take them off for MOT's ect. Therefore I’m seeing if anyone looking for something wider than their current setup is interested in a swap.

They have Avon ZZ3 265/35/18 track/fast road tyres with a decent amount of tread left. 3 are in good condition but one has some serious kerbing (thanks to some idiot trying to run me off the road) so they could do with a refurb. Pictures attached. I have been told they are a good fit for an R32 GTR, R33 GTST.

In return i would be looking at any 17 or 18 inch except tri spoke and would be open to cash going either way depending on what’s on offer. Wheels needing a refurb would be no problem.

Any questions PM me. Pictures here:^_0118.jpg
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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