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Hi guys,
need a couple of bits to help DaveW resurrect my car from its weekend Dukes of hazard mis-adventure

Front nearside wheel is goosed, so ideally i'm after a single, or pair of 17x9J +15 Volk Racing TE37 (bronze prefferbaly, but i'll get them repainted if they're in a ghey color)

alternatively, if you have a set of 4 BBS LM for a reasonable price.... i'd be tempted, need to get a pair of wheels to get the car back up to scotland once its put back together.


both headlights shattered on impact, so i'm after a pair of non-projector headlights, N1s or gts ones without the grill brackets (the brackets were saved from my existing light, so i any non projector is fine since i can convert them back to "N1"s)

headlight like in this pic.
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