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Sorry guys, but i really have to vent on this one, i have to say that in the past i have not had any problems with them, but this time i am fooking fuming:swear:

So i booked a collection for the 11th for a sub box that i sold to one of the guys on here who lives in Suffolk, literally 20 miles from me,
So its collected and is scheduled for delivery on the 13th, well all i can say is its still not got there!
I have been in touch with P2G several times with very little help apart from offering a £10 credit, which refused and said why should i want to use you again, after this!

I told them i wanted a refund, and only yesterday did they grant that and still offer the £10 prepay, which i said i might give them another chance.

I have also tried to contact the courier's direct but got no response, so i am now so pissed off that i have given P2G the ultimatum that if they cannot get the courier's to deliver by the 23rd i want the parcel back and i will seek another delivery source, probably bung it in the car and deliver myself.

Add to this i have only just got my land line and Internet working again after 24hours (fooking sky!!!) this bah humbug is shaping up pretty much as expected.:bash::40oz::40oz:

Just for your entertainment here are a couple of scans of its progress, or rather mini tour of the Midlands.

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