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could we fit a parts that fit other cars section like so
oil filter off a 98 almera fits my gtt er34
brake pads off a tt 300zx fit my er34 gtt
track rod ends off a 200 sx 98 model fit my er34 gtt

the reason i ask this is im tired of looking everywhere for parts only to be told sorry its an import all theese bits can be gotten anywhere for buttons if there not branded skyline know what i mean and you wont be asked to pull your trousers down and bend over either when it comes to pay for them,,, any way there has to be other bits that fit like nissan didnt enginere every single part for the skyline alone it would be impracticle what do you think admin, mods, reps (not in that order)

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theres been lists attempted then abandoned, only way to really get one complete would be to get a full nissan catalogue and cross reference every part number, then on top of that you have to take into account that the part numbers could be different but the parts still the same too.....

oh also subaru wrx 98 brake pads are the same as the r33 gtst to btw just to confuse you even more :p

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1995 R33 GTST

1995 300zx Turbo - Tension Rods
1995 300zx Turbo - Brake Pads
1995 300zx Turbo - Oil Filter
1995 300zx Turbo - Fuel Filter
1995 300zx Turbo - Sway Bar Bushings
1995 300zx Turbo - Front wheel hub
1995 300zx Turbo - Rear wheel hub
1995 300zx Turbo - Front wheel studs
1995 300zx Turbo - Rear wheel studs

A whole lot more as well. That's just what I have gone through so far.
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